Drying Tobacco
Old Style of Drying Tobacco

Draw Test Cigars
Draw Test all Cigars

Curing Cigars after Rolling
Curing Cigars in our Humidor

The Making of a Cigar

The life of a cigar begins at least 2-3 years before it is ready for the blender and the roller. Sometimes the tobacco is even 7 ears old before it is ready. Each year as the harvest of the tobacco is made, our team at Dona Elba begins looking for the correct source of tobacco. We work very hard developing new blends which sometimes takes a year of mixing and matching tobacco.

Below is how we construct our perfect blend beginning with the binder....adding filler is the correct places and amounts specified by the formula....this is followed by adding the wrapper. Along the way, all of our cigars are draw tested for just the correct draw.

Now, sit back and watch us construct a great cigar:

Watch as cigars are being rolled at Doña Elba.