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Put this place on your list.

Family run business for 20 years and still a very authentic place.

We can't recommend this place enough! Thanks to all the staff for a great experience. Even though we are non smokers and absolute cigar novices, my boyfriend and I made our own cigars for $5 each and also bought a pack of small cinnamon infused cigars to take back to the UK. We got to roll our own and watch the pressing process and the final roll. We didn't have to book a time slot but we advise that you go between 8am-3pm if you want to roll your own, as this is when the man is there to help you. Otherwise, you can just go to have a look around at all the cigars and photos on the wall, make sure you ask the see the biggest cigar they have (it's huuuggee).

They also have two friendly parrots and if you ask nicely, you are allowed to let one sit on your shoulder.

It has definitely been a highlight of travels in Nica!

Visited October 2016



The best cigars in Nicaragua - guaranteed!

I can't believe the quality of Doña Elba Cigars! I have had cigars from just about every cigar production country and Doña Elba Cigars is at the top of the list.

They may not have the publicity like many of the million+ dollar cigar companies, but I can guarantee you that their cigars are consistent and absolutely the best around. You can't get a better cigar or family business who really makes you feel at home.

Visited September 2016



“Unique and fun experience”

My husband wanted to try this experience while in Granada. I had agreed to do it, but hadn't planned on participating. However, once we arrived I decided to partake as well. I'm glad I did because I enjoyed myself and my husband did as well.

The cost to roll our own cigars was only $5 each, which I thought was very reasonable. They guided us as we rolled our cigars and placed them in the press. While we waited on our cigars they gave us two cigars to sample. The samples were full cigars recently rolled.

Our finished products turned out great and we can't wait to take them home and smoke them. We bought a pack of the mint cigars we sampled.

Also, it was very hot and we asked for water and they had someone go get us 2 bottles of water.

Awesome experience and very friendly staff. Would recommend this to any tourists looking to roll your own cigars.

Visited August 2016

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