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House Cigars vs. Private Labeled Cigars

The answer to increasing gross margin in sales is not a "House Cigar". This was the way manufactures suggested to the retailer a line of their odd branded cigars to retail for less increasing sales. They had a different label so as not to confuse the premium cigar with their "House Blends".

Most likely the cigars were seconds and was a means for the cigar manufacture to rid himself of the mistakes to at least cover their costs. This does not work in today's market because it will cannibalize the sale of cigars which have a higher Gross Dollar margin.

Gross Margin and Gross Dollars

Now, what is the real difference in Gross Margin and Gross Dollars? You buy the house cigar for $2.00 and "keystone" the price and sell for $4.00. On the other hand, you take a premium cigar which you buy for $4.00 and retail for $8.00. You can see the gross margin percentage is the same but, the Gross Margin Dollars are double.

Now, at Dona Elba Cigars, we can give you a premium cigar which you can choose to retail as your House Cigar and make a even better Gross Dollar amount.

Interested? Drop us an email and we will give you additional details of how to Increase your Gross Dollars with an outstanding, proven premium cigar by Dona Elba Cigars.

Figurado and Solomon - Boxed Pressed

Have you ever thought of having a special shaped cigar such as the Figurado or Solomon? That is the way to increase your Gross Margin Dollars. A special blend for a special cigar for a special Gross Dollar margin.